Researcher Model

91020/FCC 91020/FCC $644.00 Out of stock
91021/HCP 91021/HCP $733.00 Out of stock
91022/BCC 91022/BCC $243.00 Out of stock
91023/Rock salt 91023/Rock salt $651.00 Out of stock
91024/Zinc blende 91024/Zinc blende $295.00 Out of stock
91025/Wurtzeit 91025/Wurtzeit $241.00 Out of stock
91026/Diamond 91026/Diamond $219.00 Out of stock
91027/Graphite 91027/Graphite $172.00 Out of stock
91028/Ice 91028/Ice $304.00 Out of stock
91029/Spinel 91029/Spinel $304.00 Out of stock
91030/Corundum 91030/Corundum $858.00 Out of stock
91031/Superconductor-y 91031/Superconductor-y $418.00 Out of stock
91032/Superconductore-Bi 91032/Superconductore-Bi $406.00 Out of stock

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