92004A/Space-Filling Z-DNA


1= 1.0cm

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The models combine the idea of both ball-and-stick and spacefilling models allowing one to visualize not only molecular frameworks but also molecular structures covered with electron clouds.

92004A: Translucent except *-marked pieces below
92004B: Opaque

Materials and Parts:
Appropriate materials, polyacetal for bonding, and ABS and polyacrylate for covering, make the model durable yet flexible. It is also light weight and even a large molecule can be constructed easily. Bonds fit snugly and firmly but can be easily disassembled. Conformational changes are easily attainable. Parts are clearly color coded.
The scale, 1=1cm, not only makes this molecular model quite handy but also extremely versatile to be used interchangeably with the "HGS Biochemistry Molecular Model."

Washer fastener (S-29-2)
is used for fixing

Parts codeQty in SETParts codeQty in SETParts codeQty in SET
Phosphate groupSTS-20134BIO-20130BIO-20136
A-T base pairSTS-2108BIO-2107BIO-210 
G-C base pairSTS-2119BIO-2118BIO-21118
Base plate ASTS-5011    
Base plate B  BIO-5021  
Base plate Z    BIO-5031
Shaft ASTS-5111    
Shaft B  BIO-5121  
Shaft Z    BIO-58131
Guarded spacer DNASTS-5211BIO-5211BIO-5211
Arm A DNASTS-53117    
Arm B DNA  BIO-53215  
Arm Z DNA    BIO-53318
Spacer 50STS-5411BIO-5411BIO-5411
Spacer ASTS-54216    
Spacer B  BIO-54314  
Spacer Z    BIO-54417
Hexagon cap nutSTS-5711BIO-5711BIO-5711
Plain washerSTS-5722BIO-5722BIO-5722
Spring lock washerSTS-5732BIO-5732BIO-5732
Hexagon nutSTS-5742BIO-5742BIO-5742
Case 1 1 1

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