2000A/Elementary Set A


1= 1.0cm

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The models combine the idea of both ball-and-stick and spacefilling models allowing one to visualize not only molecular frameworks but also molecular structures covered with electron clouds.
2000A: Translucent except *-marked pieces below
2000B: Opaque



Materials and Parts:
Properly used materials, polyacetal for bonding, and ABS and polyacrylate for covering, make the model durable yet flexible. It is also lightweight and even a large molecule can be constructed easily. Bonds fit snugly and firmly but can be easily disassembled. Conformational changes are easily attainable. Parts are clearly color coded.

The scale, 1=1cm, not only makes this molecular model quite handy but also extremely versatile to be used interchangeably with the "HGS Biochemistry Molecular Model."

This set is an ideal tool for learning introductory organic
stereochemistry. One can easily construct fundamental
organic molecules such as saturated and
unsaturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons as well
as various cyclic compounds and their
derivatives, through which basic knowledge on
the molecular geometry, stereoisomers and
conformational mobility are acquired.

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Standard Parts
Polyhedron Molecular Model
Crystal Molecular Model
Quasicrystal Molecular Model
Zeolites Molecular Model
Space-Filling Molecular Model
  2000A Standard Parts(Translucent)
  2000B Standard Parts(Opaque)
Stereochemistry Molecular Model
Biochemistry Molecular Model
Biochemistry Molecular Model -assembled

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