5001/Protein Nucleic Acid Set


1= 1.0cm

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This is a newly devised molecular model, low in cost , easy to assemble, portable, miniature in size, and precisely designed to comply with the requirements of various fields of research and education in the life sciences.

Scale: 1=1cm

It is easy to assemble and accurate. Important biochemical groups are assembled into units, such as peptide bonding units, ribose and deoxyribose ring units, respectively. These groups are designed for the easy addition of other parts and units.

Discrimination of atoms:
As a general rule, the center of atoms is indicated by small spheres. The various parts are color-coded to aid identification. Each of the models is colored to conform with international practice.

Quality of material:
Made of polyacetal resin, light weight and strong, they remain in good condition for a long time.

Special attention and precision processing have been given to the joints so that they can be assembled easily without a supporting stand.
But to construct large models like DNA, tRNA, proteins and enzymes, a standing frame or support for polypeptides and polynueleotides is available for display.

This set composed of enough parts for 100 amino acid residues to construct -helix and -sheets (e.q.parallel or antiparallel -pleated sheets). Also included are 15 nucleotide pairs consisting of adenine-thymine and guanine-cytosine pairs, the component elements of DNA, and additional pieces constructing RNA. It is useful for research and education on proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids. Plates (name and residue number) showing the amino acid side chain groups on the peptide backbone are included.

Contents of Standard Set

Item No. Name Qty in SET
Bio-1 Carbon, tetrahedral 20
Bio-14-1 Hydrogen 60
Bio-16 Oxygen, single bond 109 30
Bio-20 Nitrogen, divalent 120 20
Bio-23 Oxygen, double bond 20
Bio-101-1 Amino acid backbone(, ) 100
Bio-124 Benzene ring 2
Bio-201 Phosphate group 30
Bio-203 Deoxyribose 30
Bio-210 Adenine-thymine pair 7
Bio-211 Guanine-cytosine pair 8
Bio-301 Indication plate 100
Bio-302 Number plate f/amino acid or nucleic acid 100
Bio-303 Name label(Ala, Gly etc) 2
Bio-304 Number label 1-100

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