1002Alpha Organic Chemistry Introductory Set


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This is an introductory set for high school or undergraduate students who are studying Organic Chemistry. Tetrahedral carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms are included together with hydrogen atoms and an octahedral metal atom. These are useful for constructing cyclic and acyclic saturated hydrocarbons, alcohols, amines, etc. The models are also useful for understanding the stereochemistry, i.e., configuration and conformational change. In this set, it should be noted that to assemble unsaturated compounds containing double and/or triple bonds, it is necessary to use bent bonds. For example, two tetrahedral carbon atoms are connected by two bent bonds giving a C=C double bond, which is used in a classical sense.

With a new manufacturer and improved production process, our model sets have upgraded to the new “α (Alpha)” series. Please be advised that there is a possibility that the new Alpha series sets and the previous Polyhedron sets and parts may not be compatible.

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